Kids in Need Foundation

I was in Walmart to grab the $.50 comprehension notebooks and $.17 plastic folders for my 2015-2016 class room when I noticed some really cute push pins. I have a bulletin board at home which needed more push pins and these were perfect. To my surprise, on the back of the push pins was a logo for kids in need foundation which informed me that a portion of the proceeds from the push pins will go to support kinf. I was of course elated that what I wanted was already a switch to support type of product so I could buy it without hesitation!

Now, it was time for digging to find out if how legit was this new non-profit. Kids In Need Foundation are a highly rated non-profit which has provided school supplies to students and grants to teachers since 1995. Last year they provided 2.4 million students with school supplies from donations of $67 million in product donations from some really awesome companies (Target, Dixon, Bic, Crayola, Drice, Elmers, ACCO). WAY TO GO KINF!!!! Of course, not that I know who they are and how they work, and have a center in Atlanta,  I needed to see if my school met the requirements. I found that for a school to apply for partnership, 70% of the student body must be eligible for free or reduced lunch which means that my school missed the mark by about 7%. Oh, well, I will keep spending my own money. The teacher grants have very specific requirements, which I don’t meet, but you should check them out just in case you fit into one of them. They gave away $73, 000 in grants last year. This means they are striving to dish out even more next year in order to keep with their business trend of giving away and providing more and more every year!!!

Remember when you shop you should check out the package just in case you find a gem like kids in need foundation logo on your products and therefore won’t have to hesitate in your purchase. Switch the brand, store, etc. to support an organization who is changing the world or someone’s world with one stocked backpack at a time!!!!


Aveda Lights the Way. Do you?

I know, I am horrible at keeping up with this blogging. I need to find a way to make it a habit to post blogs. Maybe i should set an alarm on my phone to remind me to write. We shall see. This should have been a post in April. I went into Aveda training school here in Atl during the month of April for my normal fringe trim and color. I was delighted to see them celebrating Earth, not day, but month! They even had a few products you could purchase to help them protect clean water. I chose the Light The Way candle, because it smelled refreshing and I can always use another candle. Plus 100% of the purchase price went to the cause! Now, you can’t beat that support. See how easy it is to switch what you purchase to help a good cause!

Serrv (handmade with a story)

Name the item you need to brighten up your look, a friend’s, a hubby, a child’s or a house and they have it! This is a fair trade site so you can shop and feel good about your purchases. I received a basket from this company as a wedding present. It hangs out on my kitchen counter and keeps all the mail and knickknacks organized for me. I really appreciate friends who know how much more I will love and cherish a present when it is perfect for me and benefits someone else.

If you are tight with your money or on a budget, then check out their sale section! There is always something there which will be a perfect gift for yourself or someone else!

Thistle Farms

Do you use soap, lotion, lip balm, candles, bath salts, oils? Well then, Thistle Farms is your place to switch to support! All products are naturally produced by the women of Magdalene. Women of Magdalene is an organization which teaches women who are getting their life on track the skills needed for gainful employment. The women of Magdalene have survived prostitution, sex-trafficiing, addiction, etc.

I was first exposed to the items at Thistle Farms a while ago by my bestest friend, Sarah. We are both from the Nashville area where Thistle Farms is located. Sarah still lives in Nashville, while I have moved to the biggest city in the south, Atlanta. This past year I was reintroduced to Thistle Farms through my friend Amy who gave us the lip balm and soap from Thistle Farms as our hostess gifts for her baby shower.

I love the products and the purpose behind the company even more! You should try them out for yourself and then give the products as gifts! Check it out here

Banded: the helping headbands and hair ties

Would you like some accessories for your head? You know you already own some. You know, a piece that adds a little bling, color or just keeps your hair in place. Well, I have the headbands and hair ties for you! Banded is the company you should switch to for your hair needs. The bestest part is that every headband or hair ties you purchase provide THREE MEALS to a child in Uganda!

I purchased a skinny one in solid black,  a 1′ fight like a girl and a wide headband to try out the size my head prefers, plus some ties to start off with for my hair. I am all about the skinny and 1′. Next I will purchase a flower or luxe (they sparkle) headband; I just can’t decide which I want more. They have felt on the back of them so they don’t slip off your head. These are perfect presents for all my nieces who twirl during dance or need a perfect match for the perfect outfit. They are so cool that they can fit any size head. Seriously. I was wearing my black one and my 10-year-old niece loves headbands and wasn’t feeling so hot, so I gave her the one I was wearing. Fit her perfectly too.  They have some Patton pending things going on in the company. Even better, if you have an occasion you would like one made for, then they can help you out with that too or if you would like to purchase wholesale for you boutique then they are the company you need!!! It is always a plus for me when I can give someone a present or purchase something for myself that gives for the greater good.

So join me and switch where you purchase your hair bands and hair ties to support the children of Uganda.

Of course I heart TOMS!

Seriously, I am a sucker for a company who helps others and TOMS has been doing it since they began with just shoes in 2006. As the company has imploded into popularity, they have adjusted the shoes they give away and create for us to help us expand our shoe collection. Their shoes for purchase vary in styles, color, and fabric. My favorite in my closet (I own over 10 pairs of TOMS) are the pink ballet flats I wore for my wedding day, the purple leather Jutti flats, my wedges, and the new slate Earthwise classics (I am a teacher and love TOMS for their all day wearability)! The shoes they give away are now more durable and relevant for the geography and climate of the shoe drop area. I would LOVE to join a shoe drop on day!!! My bestest friend was digging a well in Guatemala and TOMS just happened to be doing a shoe drop while they were there so she and her daughter had the privilege of handing out some shoes. Could you ever imagine a day without shoes? Well, try it on TOMS day without shoes and you will realize how privileged we are to have shoes.

Basically, TOMS has created a brilliant way for us to get and give. I am not sure why every company doesn’t incorporate a one-for-one business model or at least some form of giving back with every purchase.

TOMS now gives more than just shoes…. they also give sight, when you buy a pair of TOMS glasses, and water, when you purchase their coffee!!! Plus you can shop in their marketplace for artisanal products for everyone on your gift list.

Switch from your normal shopping place to somewhere, like TOMS, in which you can give to and support someone’s dream while you shop. Why not feel better about spending your money?

the Mocha club and fashionABLE

Do you need or want a scarf, jewelry, tote, wallet, blanket, clutch, etc? If so shop at fashionABLE or the Mocha Club store! Purchase items which will add stares, compliments, and color to your wardrobe and house! Switch where you shop to support a cause!!!

The first companies I will promote are the Mocha club and fashionABLE I can’t talk about one without the other since I had the pleasure of learning about and working with fashionABLE when I went to Africa on a humanitarian trip with the Mocha Club.

Mocha Club raises money through small to large donations to fund projects (clean water, education, economic freedom, orphan care and healthcare) in Africa. They suggest a donation of $7 or what you spend on your normal cup of coffee for a day/week/month. Their small suggested donation reminds you that you can help! Even if you are in high school or college, you can still give a small amount away and IT makes a difference!!!

The first time I heard about the Mocha Club I was home in Nashville, TN visiting family and friends. My friend took me to an art action. The artist had created all the painting pieces based on pictures from a trip with Mocha club. My eyes were captured by a painting of a tree. After looking at that painting for years, I went on a trip with Mocha Club. I learned “I need Africa more than Africa needs me” (a theme for the Mocha Club). The Mocha Club and fashionABLE were started by the same person, Barrett Ward, who saw paths he could maneuver to help others.

fashionABLE is making a difference in Africa by using fashion to able people in support themselves and their families. “They find business parterres who have fair wages and hiring practices for women and strengthen the.” When you purchase from fashionABLE you will be supporting women who are trying to make a better future for themselves and their family. Every item you purchase comes with a tag which tells you about the women who made the item and their story.  “Your purchase of fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa”.

Why not shop where your dollar gives you a gift and supports someone too? Purchase something for yourself, a friend or family member at or your support of the Mocha Club can create Clean Water, educate kids, provide economic freedom or orphan care or healthcare .