The ways we can switch to support

I started thinking more about my purchases after I spent a month in Ethiopia on a humanitarian mission trip with the Mocha Club . While I was there, I met the women who make goods for Fashionable and had the pleasure of fixing up their shop and workspace. Fashionable began by teaching women to weave scarves, but it has expanded their inventory to include jewelry, leather-bags, clutches, purses and wallets, clothing- denim, shoes and they consistently add to their collection. I have very little hesitation in spending money on their goods because I spent time with some of the extraordinary women who made them. I do admit that I many times wait for a sale, but I have bought plenty of full-priced items and made my budget still work.

They also began promoting local businesses. I like shopping at farmers markets and going into boutiques, but I rarely could convince myself to pay boutique prices. I now realize sometimes less is more; I buy less but pay more. When I buy local or through small businesses I am supporting women and men who are providing me with amazing products. I realize their talent and time are worth the costs. So now I will add companies on this blog that are not only supporting a greater good but are small businesses I love and support.

Disclaimer to my lack of writing- I really want to write more, but I think the choice of not having to write is winning since I finished grad school. It might be wearing off as I kind of miss not sharing my thoughts and reading for knowledge. We shall see. I am curious how other bloggers make the time for writing.


Journaling and planning with Ecojot

Are you a journaler or planner like me? Do you prefer the spiral spine so you can flip pages over without tearing or messing up your pages? If so I have found the company for you! Ecojot is a family-run business that makes beautiful journals and creative planners. The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled and made in Canada. The inks and glues used in them are based with veggies. If the planner or journal uses boards, then it comes from a sustainable company in North America. The company has won an award for being Earth friendly (Ancient Forest Friendly and Order of the Forest Award). On top of that they have campaigns in which they participate in Buy 1/Give 1 in which they donate books to kids in need all over the world. You get what you need to write in or plan life and kids get books. Seems like a win-win situation to me! Check Ecojot out on their website or pick up their products in a retailer near you. I purchased mine in Barnes and Nobel.

How your grocery list can make a difference.

If you are picking out a new salad dressing, pasta sauce, or frozen pizza at the grocery store why not choose one that is organic and helps out someone else? Newman’s Own does just that. Newman’s Own products are organic products made of the highest quality. They even have organic food for your pets.  Now, they don’t carry everything that is on your grocery list, but you can substitute a few of items from your list and make a difference.

How will you make a difference? Well, Newman’s Own give 100% of their profits and royalties to charities across the globe through the Newman’s Own Foundation. According to their website, the foundation has given away almost 200 million dollars to over 1000 charities since 1982. All of that money has been given away and helps out someone because people choose to use their … let’s say pasta sauce instead of their normal brand. It is an easy switch in order to support others in need.

Check out all the ways you can switch to support on their website Newmansown You can even read and watch videos about your switching impacts others.

LSTN and you will hear happiness spreading

LSTN sound company and record store out of Hollywood, California has a global mission to help those who cannot hear or are loosing their hearing hear again. As they state as a part of their mission “We believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world.” Take a moment to check them out so you can visualize these beautifully crafted these products at LSTN.

They not only wanted to make beautifully crafted wood headphones and earbuds along with selling some bags, t-shirts and albums, but they wanted to make a difference in the world. Well, congrats LSTN you are living up to your mission! They have partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and with every purchase made through their company, someone hears for the first time! They have currently helped over 20, 00 people hear in the US, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. How cool is that!?! By switching your purchase of an item you want/need you could help someone hear for the first time.

They are currently expanding their products and are working on  premium bluetooth speakers too which you can pre-order through Indiegogo using the link provided! The two speaker options are the satellite, which is a small square shaped speaker or the apollo which is the long rectangular speaker. The wood colors you can choose from are zebra (light tan wood with dark lines), cherry (bright red wood), or Ebony (dark walnut). I myself ordered the apollo in zebra.

Kids in Need Foundation

I was in Walmart to grab the $.50 comprehension notebooks and $.17 plastic folders for my 2015-2016 class room when I noticed some really cute push pins. I have a bulletin board at home which needed more push pins and these were perfect. To my surprise, on the back of the push pins was a logo for kids in need foundation which informed me that a portion of the proceeds from the push pins will go to support kinf. I was of course elated that what I wanted was already a switch to support type of product so I could buy it without hesitation!

Now, it was time for digging to find out if how legit was this new non-profit. Kids In Need Foundation are a highly rated non-profit which has provided school supplies to students and grants to teachers since 1995. Last year they provided 2.4 million students with school supplies from donations of $67 million in product donations from some really awesome companies (Target, Dixon, Bic, Crayola, Drice, Elmers, ACCO). WAY TO GO KINF!!!! Of course, not that I know who they are and how they work, and have a center in Atlanta,  I needed to see if my school met the requirements. I found that for a school to apply for partnership, 70% of the student body must be eligible for free or reduced lunch which means that my school missed the mark by about 7%. Oh, well, I will keep spending my own money. The teacher grants have very specific requirements, which I don’t meet, but you should check them out just in case you fit into one of them. They gave away $73, 000 in grants last year. This means they are striving to dish out even more next year in order to keep with their business trend of giving away and providing more and more every year!!!

Remember when you shop you should check out the package just in case you find a gem like kids in need foundation logo on your products and therefore won’t have to hesitate in your purchase. Switch the brand, store, etc. to support an organization who is changing the world or someone’s world with one stocked backpack at a time!!!!

Aveda Lights the Way. Do you?

I know, I am horrible at keeping up with this blogging. I need to find a way to make it a habit to post blogs. Maybe i should set an alarm on my phone to remind me to write. We shall see. This should have been a post in April. I went into Aveda training school here in Atl during the month of April for my normal fringe trim and color. I was delighted to see them celebrating Earth, not day, but month! They even had a few products you could purchase to help them protect clean water. I chose the Light The Way candle, because it smelled refreshing and I can always use another candle. Plus 100% of the purchase price went to the cause! Now, you can’t beat that support. See how easy it is to switch what you purchase to help a good cause!

Serrv (handmade with a story)

Name the item you need to brighten up your look, a friend’s, a hubby, a child’s or a house and they have it! This is a fair trade site so you can shop and feel good about your purchases. I received a basket from this company as a wedding present. It hangs out on my kitchen counter and keeps all the mail and knickknacks organized for me. I really appreciate friends who know how much more I will love and cherish a present when it is perfect for me and benefits someone else.

If you are tight with your money or on a budget, then check out their sale section! There is always something there which will be a perfect gift for yourself or someone else!