About StS

In 2013 I spent a month in Ethiopia on a humanitarian trip with The Mocha Club.  The Mocha Club partners with different organizations (now around the Globe) who are making a difference in their countries. They do not see a need to start a new organization when there are so many organizations out their doing good and being successful in their own countries. Mocha Club instead partners with these successful organizations and provides them with funding and whatever support they need to thrive. The group of amazing people I was with provided camp for kids at an orphanage (AHOPE), camp for a group of sponsored kids who are on summer break (Out of the Ashes), and spent time with some incredible women and their children who are turning their life around with the help of Ellilta Women at Risk (E-WAR) and Fashionable in two different cities.  After this time in Ethiopia and with this awesome group of people I finally began to understand the Mocha club’s t-shirt saying, “I need Africa more than Africa needs me.” They are happier with so much less than those of us in 1st world countries. When I returned home I was different. I had always had a desire to help others, but now there was a flame in my heart that made it a constant thought. Now, I did not feel the call to give away all my things and move to Africa, but I knew I needed to figure out what I was called to do in order to help others make some small changes in their life to help others too.

My first attempt at this occurred when I came home and threw a scarf party to raise money for a water well. People donated money in exchange for a scarf made in Ethiopia. My though was that people like scarfs and while they can just go and buy one, why not pick a scarf that can also make a difference? This is when I realized I wanted to find more companies like Fashionable where people could switch where they spend their money in order to acquire the things they want/need while helping someone else. So, this is my mission, to help others find the places to shop at that give them the products they desire and require.

Please leave a comment if you know of an organization, store or brand that helps others out that I haven’t written about yet. 🙂 Join me and Switch to Support!


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