Reasonably​ priced Jewelry with a purpose

My friend took me to a store that is in Shay’s Studio and I found the cutest earrings and was shocked that they were under $20. The brand was Mata Traders.  My first purchase was the time and space gold earrings. I have worn them at least once a week since I purchased them. Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 9.59.59 AM

I wore them so much and loved the price that I wanted to get more and maybe some earrings for my nieces as Christmas presents, but I had recycled the tag and couldn’t remember the company name. So when I returned to Nashville for Christmas I went back to the store to see if they had any more. They only had a couple of pairs so I bought them for myself since they were long and my nieces prefer little earrings.

You could purchase the same pairs of earrings on their website. Now that I had the brand name I immediately hopped on my phone to see if there was a website so I could purchase something from them any time my little heart desired. I was ecstatic to learn that I could and that they had dresses too! Jewelry and dresses are my favorite items to purchase. I will wear a dress before anything else and Matra’s dresses are as reasonably priced as their jewelry.

The reason I am asking you to switch and support Matra Trades is that Matra Traders is Ethical Fashion.  What is ethical fashion you may ask? Ethical fashion means that the items are made by artisans in their local villages or cities and they are paid a fair wage for the items in order to help end poverty in those areas.  Matra Traders currently works with artisans in India and Nepal. Matra Traders explains that when you purchase their jewelry and clothing instead of non-fair trade items you are: “Preserving an art form, fighting gender inequality, empowering women in Nepal and India, make an impact on global poverty, combat child labor and score serious Karma points.” So the next time you need a piece of jewelry or clothing check out Mata Traders first and let your dollars make a difference in someone’s life.