Holding in your warmth

Love YOUR melon will cover your head with cozy soft hats and scarfs. I am beginning my love YOUR melon collection with a hunter speckled infinity scarf. I had a hard time picking between all their color options, and finally decided upon the speckled hunter green between by winter coast are olive green, pink, black and navy blue, and I feel like it will look best with all those colors. When I opened up the package with my new scarf, I immediately rubbed my hands all over it and then my face because it was so soft. I laid it on my dining room table, and it is about the same length as the width of it. I love their label because it is so recognizable. When I was in Iceland this past week I saw two people with love YOUR melon hats on.

scarf  scarf and bag IMG_6732

I am not a huge hat person which is why I started with the scarf, but I recently returned from a vacation in Iceland where I wore a hat almost every day. Now I remember how cute hats are and that they don’t mess up my hair too much, so I am about to order a pom beanie to match my scarf. I realized I should write about them before I buy the hat so here I am finally writing about another awesome company.

As you can see in the picture of the bag their products arrive in this company has made it easy for you to understand their story. I love joining stories and not just buying a product. My scarf helps explain a story; how cool is that? This story I am helping to tell by purchasing a product from love YOUR melon is a company providing every kid with cancer a hat. They also support non-profits that lead the fight against pediatric cancer by giving away 50% of their profit. As their website states “Fifty percent (50%) of profit is calculated after taxes and fees are paid.” Check out love YOUR melon website for more details of their story and mission. If you are a college student, then you can become a member of the Melon campus crew and make an impact by distributing beanies to the 15,000 kids who are diagnosed with cancer every year and being involved in raising awareness.

Back to the scarf that is super long and soft. I will probably wear it most by wrapping it around my neck twice (top left picture below). On frigid days you can wrap it three times around your neck (bottom left picture below) or wrap it twice around your neck then with the third wrap put it on your head, if you don’t have a hat. I would take a picture of this, but I am not a professional blogger so I’m writing this in my PJ’s and took these pics in it too. The scarf is gorgeous, so it will probably stay on my coat rack with my other favorite switch outs.

I hope you check you this cozy company love YOUR melon when you switch to support your next purchase. They have a ton more products than beanies and scarves. There are three types of beanies: cuffed, pom or regular. In their accessories section, you will find mugs, caps, sun hats, headbands, athletic bands, fanny packs, bandanas, tumblers, bucket hats, totes, other accessories, while in the apparel you can uncover knitted shawls, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and such. I should mention this small business companies products are made in the USA!