The ways we can switch to support

I started thinking more about my purchases after I spent a month in Ethiopia on a humanitarian mission trip with the Mocha Club . While I was there, I met the women who make goods for Fashionable and had the pleasure of fixing up their shop and workspace. Fashionable began by teaching women to weave scarves, but it has expanded their inventory to include jewelry, leather-bags, clutches, purses and wallets, clothing- denim, shoes and they consistently add to their collection. I have very little hesitation in spending money on their goods because I spent time with some of the extraordinary women who made them. I do admit that I many times wait for a sale, but I have bought plenty of full-priced items and made my budget still work.

They also began promoting local businesses. I like shopping at farmers markets and going into boutiques, but I rarely could convince myself to pay boutique prices. I now realize sometimes less is more; I buy less but pay more. When I buy local or through small businesses I am supporting women and men who are providing me with amazing products. I realize their talent and time are worth the costs. So now I will add companies on this blog that are not only supporting a greater good but are small businesses I love and support.

Disclaimer to my lack of writing- I really want to write more, but I think the choice of not having to write is winning since I finished grad school. It might be wearing off as I kind of miss not sharing my thoughts and reading for knowledge. We shall see. I am curious how other bloggers make the time for writing.