Journaling and planning with Ecojot

Are you a journaler or planner like me? Do you prefer the spiral spine so you can flip pages over without tearing or messing up your pages? If so I have found the company for you! Ecojot is a family-run business that makes beautiful journals and creative planners. The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled and made in Canada. The inks and glues used in them are based with veggies. If the planner or journal uses boards, then it comes from a sustainable company in North America. The company has won an award for being Earth friendly (Ancient Forest Friendly and Order of the Forest Award). On top of that they have campaigns in which they participate in Buy 1/Give 1 in which they donate books to kids in need all over the world. You get what you need to write in or plan life and kids get books. Seems like a win-win situation to me! Check Ecojot out on their website or pick up their products in a retailer near you. I purchased mine in Barnes and Nobel.


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