How your grocery list can make a difference.

If you are picking out a new salad dressing, pasta sauce, or frozen pizza at the grocery store why not choose one that is organic and helps out someone else? Newman’s Own does just that. Newman’s Own products are organic products made of the highest quality. They even have organic food for your pets.  Now, they don’t carry everything that is on your grocery list, but you can substitute a few of items from your list and make a difference.

How will you make a difference? Well, Newman’s Own give 100% of their profits and royalties to charities across the globe through the Newman’s Own Foundation. According to their website, the foundation has given away almost 200 million dollars to over 1000 charities since 1982. All of that money has been given away and helps out someone because people choose to use their … let’s say pasta sauce instead of their normal brand. It is an easy switch in order to support others in need.

Check out all the ways you can switch to support on their website Newmansown You can even read and watch videos about your switching impacts others.


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