Kids in Need Foundation

I was in Walmart to grab the $.50 comprehension notebooks and $.17 plastic folders for my 2015-2016 class room when I noticed some really cute push pins. I have a bulletin board at home which needed more push pins and these were perfect. To my surprise, on the back of the push pins was a logo for kids in need foundation which informed me that a portion of the proceeds from the push pins will go to support kinf. I was of course elated that what I wanted was already a switch to support type of product so I could buy it without hesitation!

Now, it was time for digging to find out if how legit was this new non-profit. Kids In Need Foundation are a highly rated non-profit which has provided school supplies to students and grants to teachers since 1995. Last year they provided 2.4 million students with school supplies from donations of $67 million in product donations from some really awesome companies (Target, Dixon, Bic, Crayola, Drice, Elmers, ACCO). WAY TO GO KINF!!!! Of course, not that I know who they are and how they work, and have a center in Atlanta,  I needed to see if my school met the requirements. I found that for a school to apply for partnership, 70% of the student body must be eligible for free or reduced lunch which means that my school missed the mark by about 7%. Oh, well, I will keep spending my own money. The teacher grants have very specific requirements, which I don’t meet, but you should check them out just in case you fit into one of them. They gave away $73, 000 in grants last year. This means they are striving to dish out even more next year in order to keep with their business trend of giving away and providing more and more every year!!!

Remember when you shop you should check out the package just in case you find a gem like kids in need foundation logo on your products and therefore won’t have to hesitate in your purchase. Switch the brand, store, etc. to support an organization who is changing the world or someone’s world with one stocked backpack at a time!!!!